"MARTAMS" -lily hybrids between div. 2 and div. 4

  ...there are some real living hybrids from this breedings !!!

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Holger Kühne/March 2007


Mrs. Norgart Martschinke crossed this  plants,  embryo rescue gave the seedling NM 1-8, now called with the nickname TIMBUKTU- diploid and pollen fertile . The pollen used on some american hybrids gave normal seeds in 2006 on me.

San Gabriel strain                          L. martagon dalmaticum


flowering seedling Timbuktu in 2005:


stem 2007

Courtesy of N.Martschinke


Other hybrids from different breeders to see what is growing in this breeding line:

Papa Kiel (L.mart. album superbum x L. parvum) by N. Martschinke/Germany

Courtesy of Frans Officer/USA

Seedling (L.martagon var. hirsutum x 'Nightingale') by N. Martschinke/Germany

Courtesy of Frans Officer/USA

Seedling (L. martagon album x L. kelloggii) by Jim Sullivan/Canada

Courtesy of Jim Sullivan

Seedlings ( 'Kelmarsh' OP) by Juergen Koch/Germany

Courtesy of Juergen Koch

Seedling (martagon hybrid x american hybrid) by N. Martschinke/Germany, pollen sterile, but gave some seeds with  L. martagon in 2006 on me and seeds with div. 4 lilies in the garden of N. Martschinke.

55 90 1   by N.Martschinke, unusual coloration, bred from crossbreeding martams in second/third generation

Courtesy of N.Martschinke

Early Bird x (L.martagon x L.pardalinum)

Courtesy of Lars Hoepfner/DK               

Early Bird

Courtesy of Lars Hoepfner/DK