After the NALS convention in July 2010 some lily enthusiasts traveled to the west coast of the USA to seek species lilium.

I have cataloged our adventure with my following photos, sorted by date and different areas and populations we found.

Mostly I made two pics of one flower to show the differences in color and spotting.

Holger Kuehne

13.07.2010     14.07.2010     15.07.2010     16.07.2010      17.07.2010 

18.07.2010     19.07.2010     20.07.2010     21.07.2010/1   21.07.2010/2 

Michael Homick  Pat Woodward  Rimmer de Vries  Joe Nemmer  Thomas Myers  Paul Machado  Gene Mirro

Ani (the dog)        Paige Woodward   Rainbow Francom   Holger Kuehne

(photo courtesy by Gene Mirro)