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  Racing The Moon
  Radio Raider
      Rainbow Candy
  Raspberry Beret
  Raspberry Fields Forever
  Reach For The Heavens
  Red Bull
  Red Friday
      Red Rain
      Red Ribbons
  Red Squirrel
  Red Suspenders
  Red Tallboy
  Red Tool
  Robert Searles
      Rock Lobster
  Rock Solid
  Romanian Rendevous
    Rosy Returns
    Ruby Claire Mims
      Ruffles Has Ripples
  Russian Ragtime
        Sachsen Exotic Eye
        Sachsen Little Elke
        Sachsen Little Heidi
    Sachsen Little Ingrid
        Sachsen Little Marion
        Sachsen Little Mirjam
        Sachsen Little Susi
        Sachsen Nachtauge
        Sachsen Pink Love
        Sachsen Red Eye
        Sachsen Ruffled Ball
        Sachsen Rustic Eye
        Sachsen Samtauge
        Sachsen Yellow Edge
  Sambo Wilder
    San Luis Halloween
  Sandra Hudson
Spacecoast = SC
  SC Butterfly Effect
  SC Color Sheme
  SC Fiesta Grande
  SC Krinkless
  SC Pattern Plus
  SC Sea Shell
  SC Sharp Tooth
      SC Starburst
  SC Tigertail Tango
  SC Tropical Passion
    Second Glance
    Secret Crush
  Shimmering Elegance
  Shores Of Time
    Silent Sentry
    Siloam David Kirchhoff
    Siloam Lemon Ice
  Silver Quasar
  Simply Pretty
  Singular Sensation
  Sir Francis Drake
  Sir Knight
  Sky Dragon
  Sky Islands
    Smallworld Sepal Streaker
  Snaggle Tooth
      Snow Crystal
  Snow Wonder
    Soccer Head
  Special Candy
    Spellbound Secrets
      Spider Man
  Spider Walk
    Springfield Clan
  Square Dancer
  Star Boy
  Starman´s Quest
      Stars Over Alabama
  Stars My Destination
    Stellar Masquerade
    Steve Trimmer
    Strawberry Candy
  Strawberries And Chocolate
  Strawberry Fields Forever
    Strikingly Dramatic
      Study in Scarlet
    Sun King
  Surprice Encounter
  Sweet Almond Mint
    Sweet Michelle
  Sweet Stuff
  Tacho Pantin
  Tall Dark And Handsome
    Taunus Red Magician
  Tennessee Afterglow
      Tennessee Flycatcher
  Tequila Mockingbird
    Texas Feathered Fancy
  The Band Played On
  The Dark Side
  Thomas Tew
  Thunder Patch
  Time For Eternity
    Tupac Amaru
  Uda Guitarra
  Ulmer Hohes Feuer
  Ulmer Morgenrot
  Unending Melody
  Ursula Heuss
    Victorian Principles
  Vino Di Notte
  Viva Pinata
  Walter´s Tango
  Web Browser
  Web Of Intrigue
  Whale Tails
  What Wondrous Love
  Wild And Wonderful
  Wild Horses
  Wizard At Large
    Wolf Eyes
  Woman At The Well
  Wyatt Earp
  Yellow Green Monarch
    You Glow Girl
  Zoe Allegra

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