Div.4 plants....by Holger Kuehne

  Foggy Morning

Milden Big Boy

Milden Little Susie


Milden Red Ball

Red Giant (L. pardalinum)


Roter Spion


Roter Traum


Spirit of America


Timbuktu Two




‘Weltenbummler’ VIII(b-c/d) = ((martagon var. album ‘Robin’) L. dalhansonii ‘Bornholm’) rubellum

(I suspect the last pollen partner was a wna hybrid because WB gave no seeds with martagon hybrids, only with wna hybrids on me.)

WB changing the flower color in 4 days from yellow with some red to red, a hardy Martam.

...the same flower day 1                   day 2                                        day 3                                           day 4

4n L. pardalinum