Asiapets in the breeding and Holger Kuehne        -a information sheet-

The breeding of Asiapets started with Pink Tiger (Woodriff, pre 1960, L.regale hybrid x 2n L.tigrinum) I think - but who have this lily, is it lost worldwide???

Some pics showing the forther breeding:

Evina (Karel Braun,1982,right) is Sun Ray x Pink Tiger . A very hardy hybrid, triploid and get seeds with tetra asiatics.

Orange Evina (left) is a spot from propagation in CZ or Slovakia, shows better/intensive color and bigger seeds in the breeding like Evina.

Erfurter named O-types ....there are/were some first AT hybrids by Dr. Reiser/Erfurt, but most sterile and only a not known/but named hybrid was used by Winkler to get his first TAT by pollinating a yellow trumpet with pollen of a unknown O-type:

(more details of O-types later)

Frankenmaedel (Winkler, yellow trumpet x unknown O-type) get normal seeds with 4n asiatics.

Roter Kalif (Winkler, yellow trumpet x unknown O-type) get only small embryos with 4n asiatics, ec needed!

HD001-2 (H.Dierrssen, Roter Kalif x 4n asiatic by ec) scenting and give 2n fertile pollen.


060102 (Kuehne, L202 x AM-01-1094-1 = a not named 2n AT (Reiser) x 2n trumpet/henryiy hybrid (A.Mego) by ec),

needs 4  days to opening a flower, give some normal seeds with 2n asiatics and 4n too...

opening: day 1                                             day 3                               day 4

L202                                                        AM-01-1094-1


LAT 060402 (Kuehne, Roter Kalif x 4n Longistar by ec) give some normal seeds with 4n asiatics if the summer is heat or in glasshouse,

scenting, not fading in the sun, bleck nectary, secundary buds.


LAT 090401 (Kuehne, Rodela x HD001-2 by ec) podsterile, pollenfertility???, scenting, not fading in the sun

Rodela                                               HD001-2



Exotic Purple Flirt (Kuehne, white 2n trumpet x Schwarzer Prinz by ec, was slg. 991301)

Schwarzer Prinz


Other hybrids used in this breeding complex 2015/16:

Lajama (Tlach 2010) LAA, fertile

AOA 08 (?) fertile 2n pollen for 3n/4n crossing

LAA 99/... (?) podfertile with 4n

AC Asiatic x L. monadelphum (Prosevicius), fertile n pollen, light scent



...crossing AT with AO/LA/AC can give interesting results...various scenting hybrids will growing like asiatics and can get a different scent.

(by the way...AC means asiatic x caucasicum lilies like L. monadelphum)


(...more informations will be added later.)